TQN Series Rice Whitener

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TQN Series Rice Whitener

We are a unique name in the industry as a leading supplier of Rice Milling agrOMill brand TQN Iron & Emery Roll Whitener in India.

1.Stable operation and good appearance???
2.Large capacity, can get white and bright rice???
3.Less chaff, low temperature and broken rate???
4.Has better effect to parboiled rice and boiled rice.

Specifications 1,Large capacity, low power,
2,Compact construction,stable operation,
3,Low broken rate

Technique parameter:

Model TQN168
Capacity(t/h) 2-3
Power(kw) 22-30
Speed of the main shaft(r/min) 920
Amount of air sucking(m3/h) 2500-3100
Weight(kg) 675
Shell size(mm) 1580×720×1960

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