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Table Polisher

This Agromill Table Polisher can quickly judge the quality of rice through fully automatic and once for all hulling of paddy rice and whitening of brown rice.It has the advantage of simple operation, large sample quantity, good effect on milling rice white, less broken rice, sort working time, strong wear-resisting machine head, beautiful appearance, easy to carry etc. In sort, it is perfect instrument as rice testing machine to judge quality of paddy, rice and examining yellow colored rice, disease spot, abdominal white and imperfect rice.


1.Time set: digital
2.Power require: 550w
3.Work time: 10-200 seconds
4.Working voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
5.Sample weight: 150~170g
6.Hulling rate: ≥99% (according to the sample)
7.Net weight: 16kg

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