Rotary Paddy Cleaning Machine

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Rotary Paddy Cleaning Machine

Agromill Rotary Paddy Cleaning Machine uses flat surface rotation operation coupled with the sieve of a certain specification to separate the heavy, medium and light impurities in the grains so as to realize the purpose of cleaning.
1 TQLM80 04-06 T/H 0.75 KW 600 kg
2 TQLM100 05-08 T/H 0.75 KW 750 kg
3 TQLM125 07–09 T/H 1.10 KW 800 kg
4 TQLM150 10–13 T/H 1.50 KW 900 kg
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We are the top leading supplier, trader, wholesaler and importer of Paddy Cleaner. This agromill Paddy Cleaner is made up of high grade material and advance in technology. Moreover, this Paddy Cleaner is available in various models.

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