Combined Domestic Rice Machine

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6N80 9F21

Combined Domestic Rice Machine

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The Description of Easy Operate Rice Mill Machine
This machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple operation, fast out of rice, mainly for home processing use as mini rice mill, mini flour mill as well as spice grinding mill.

Rice milling part: can automatically adjust the reversing switch, no need to adjust the rice blade position, can be processed into Various categories of paddy rice and disposable, separation can be completed, broken rice, chaff, polished rice;

Crushing part: there is no need to change the belt for grinding corn, sorghum, beans, potato, stem grass and other food crops.

Technical parameters
Matched Power (KW) : 2.2 KW
Main shaft speed (RPM):
Milling: 1600
Crushing: 4800
Rated voltage (V) : 220
Motor speed (RPM) : 2800
Weight (KG) : 75 (including motor)
Overall dimension (MM) : 1180×385×1110
Packing dimension (MM): 620×595×320
Productivity(Kg/H) : Milling ≥180 and Crushing ≥250
Spindle speed (RPM) : Milling part 1600 and Crushing part 4800
Crushing chamber width (MM) : 220
Crusher rotator dia.(MM) : ϕ180
Hammer slice number for crusher (PC) : 12
Rice roller dimension (MM): ϕ78×240
Milled rice output rate (%) : ≥67.5
Broken rice rate (%) :≤29.8
Belt type (B) MM :1420×1270

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