Agro Mill Turbine Ventilator

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Agro Mill Turbine Ventilator

Being a quality centric organization, we offer Eco Friendly agrOMill Turbine Ventilators which can be installed easily. These ventilators feature self greased Teflon bearings that help in smooth and friction free rotation. Ribbed design of these ventilators gives more strength. A high speed controlling instrument in the ventilator defends it against fast blowing wind and in shedding water. These ventilators also improve the longevity of insulation, rafters, roofing material and shingles.

These are used in various industrial units such as workshops,warehouses, factories, assembly halls, building structures, and agricultural applications that require proper ventilation. our products are specially designed to provide a cool, safe and soothing environment and to exhaust all the pollutants like dust, smoke, fumes and harmful gases. These also help in emission of heat.


  • Helps prolong life of insulation, shingles, roofing material and rafters
  • Precision balanced, low inertia head design, turns in the slightest breeze
  • Smooth and quite operations
  • Ribbed design adds strength
  • High speed limiting device protects against high wind and to shed water

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